Here we go!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The holiday season has always been synonymous with correspondence. As I child, my mother would string-up our family’s holiday cards throughout the living room and we’d relish long letters from relations and friends in faraway continents—this was of course before the Internet age. That said, I am writing to you in the spirit of holiday communication with a desire to exchange snapshots from our lives and update you as to the big changes in my life.

My major news is that I have started my own public relations and event management firm, The METTA Agency. Please visit our website at  After almost two years of working for JLH Media, on January 1, 2017, Suzanne, Jen and I went our separate ways. Thankfully, we remain friends and colleagues supporting one another in our independent endeavors. 

The METTA Agency was born of the necessity to continue promoting art and culture with a special focus on the enormous artistic and creative talent gathered in the Southwest. Over the next few months I look forward to introducing you to my new clients, a group of extraordinary creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Storytelling is the foundation of the METTA Agency and it is my mission to ensure that we adopt cutting-edge methods to stay relevant and share our clients’ stories with the world. I will maintain the yearly voyage to New York City to conduct desk sides meeting with writers and editors at top publications to promote Santa Fe as a significant arts and culture destination which continues to evolve and refresh itself.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey. I look forward to continuing to work with many of you and I am always available to scheme and dream with you, host a writer for a day on the town, and share my love of the American Southwest.

Be well and be in touch!


Audrey Nadia Rubinstein


Please note that my new email is,