Public relations is the, often delicate, art of managing relationships between clients and target audience(s).

Sound esoteric? It is and it isn’t.

I help my clients get earned-editorial coverage in magazines, books, online, radio, television, social media and film. I introduce them to like-minded people and engender strategic partnerships. I also help clients get clear about who they want to attract and converse with and who they can tune out.

What are you saying and why are you saying it?

What is the voice of your organization or your artistic path and how do you communicate that to the world.

In today’s busy world it is all about specificity and depth of knowledge—everyone knows a little bit about everything, right?

My interest and deep knowledge is in the areas of art and culture: specifically, contemporary visual and performing arts, Native American art, creative startups, fashion and food. I generally work with arts and cultural organizations, although occasionally a business savvy creative or artist will become a client. Many describe PR as the art of persuasion, but I prefer to describe my work as the art of alignment.


W H A T   I  V A L U E 

I value the conversations and strategy sessions that come before we execute your PR and marketing plan. I enjoy listening as much as I do talking— viewing every new client as a creative collaborator. My intent is to create long-lasting relationships with clients that are genuine and exceed expectations.